RTI XP8-S Control Processor

XP-8s Control Processor

The XP-8's is a high-end remote control processor for automating the operation of
electronic systems in homes and office buildings. The combination of a blazing
fast MPU, real-time/multitasking operating system, and tremendous expandability
make the XP-8's the perfect solution for large-scale and complex projects

Like other RTI processors, the XP-8's has been designed to interface seamlessly with all RTI remote controls and touchpanels. In addition to an abundance of basic control ports such as infrared, contact closures, and power sensors - the XP-8's provides advanced control interface options such as two-way RS-232, USB, and Ethernet. An internet connection to the XP-8's allows convenient services such as off-site monitoring, control, and updating.

Faster version of XP-8
Four times the RAM for additional driver support.
Includes 4GB SDHC memory card.

Powerful 32-bit, 200MHz XScale® processor.
32MByte of non-volatile Flash memory.
Front panel controls/display (11 Buttons for Front panel Control).
Two USB ports.
Eight multi-purpose I/O ports.
Eight programmable relay outputs.
Eight two-way RS-232 ports.
Eight sense inputs.
I/O ports are compatible with industry-standard IR emitters, blasters and
repeater systems.
All output ports incorporate both short-circuit and overload protection.
Variable IR output on all ports.
I/O ports support all optional RTI power sensing and communications
Programmed using the Integration Designer® Software*.
Non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when
power is not present.
Field upgradeable firmware.
USB and Ethernet programming.
Input for connection of multiple RF receiver modules.
RS-485 communications port for future expansion.
System clock built in.
Rack mountable or free standing