Let the music move you with the AD-4 audio distribution system from RTI. Go to the exercise room to summon your iPod, listen to broadcast radio in the kitchen, internet radio in the backyard, and a CD in the living room - all at the same time.
Designed to be the audio hub for commercial and residential installations, this powerful audio and video distribution matrix switcher has the capability to route eight analog audio sources to eight different zones.
RTI CP-450
The CP-450 is designed to add more power to an audio distribution system, at a moderate price. Equipped with a 50 watt per channel Cool PowerAmplifier, the CP-450 is perfect for installations using the AD-8 Audio Distribution System that require a
couple extra speakers for those bigger rooms or maybe adding another room to a zone.
RTI CP1650
Utilizing Cool Power technology to expand the capabilities of an AD-8 audio distribution system, the CP-1650 is perfect in residential and commercial installations where larger rooms need more speakers and areas such as an outdoor patio need to be added to an existing zone.

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