Designed to be the audio hub for commercial and residential installations, this powerful audio and video distribution matrix switcher has the capability to route eight analog audio sources to eight different zones. For larger projects, expand the system up to 64 zones by stacking up to eight units together. Used with RTI controllers and processors the AD-8 provides complete control with two-way communication for zone-independent status feedback. Imagine every aspect of your environment working in complete harmony  from audio and video to lighting, temperature and more.

The AD-8 Audio Distribution System combines a 16 channel audio amplifier with a matrix-switching preamplifier. Perfect in larger residential and commercial installations where flexibility is important, the ability to listen to eight different audio sources in any zone will keep everyone happy. Up to four of the audio sources can even come from other areas, so sources like an iPod or PC can be accessed where they are used, away from the rack. Meanwhile, the integrated Cool Power amplifier keeps the beat with 25 watts per channel of crystal clear sound. Infrared and one-way RS-232 provide independent volume and tone controls in all output zones, while complete control is provided via two-way RS-232 when combined with RTI control solutions.

When the job grows, the AD-8 can expand along with it. The eight zone outputs can easily be expanded by stacking up to eight AD-8's together, for a maximum of 64 zones. The AD-8 from RTI will provide you with clean, stable, reliable power you can count on for years to come.

Distributes up to eight analog audio sources to eight zones.

Integrated 16 channel amplifier utilizes Cool Power technology.

Provides 25 watts per channel in each zone.

Accessory wall plate allows sources to be connected remotely via Cat-5.

Expansion to 64 output zones by stacking AD-8 Distributed Audio Systems.

Tight integration with RTI control systems allows two-way feedback.

Discrete volume and tone control in all zones using IR or RS-232.

Pre-outputs allow outboard amplification for adding rooms or speakers.

Optional phone and doorbell mute function.

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RTI AD-8 Distributed Audio System

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