Nuvo P200 Front
Nuvo P200 Back Wireless Player

NUVO P200 Wireless Player 


Fill a room of your home with crisp, advanced high-fidelity audio, wirelessly, with the talented and versatile P200. Acting as both amplifier and source component, the P200 delivers 120 watts of power and streams content from networked computers, analog sources, Bluetooth enabled devices, as well as an abundance of internet-based services, guaranteeing both fantastic listening variety and truly superior sound.


  • Enjoy your music anytime, anywhere, with quick access to music on your PC or Mac.


  • Music from 100,000+ Internet Radio stations is right at your fingertips, streaming directly to your NuVo system.


  • Mastering-grade, high-fidelity audio is delivered to every area of your home, and kept perfectly in sync.


  • World-renown Audyssey music technology optimizes your listening experience with Dynamic Volume.


  • The high-efficiency amplifier operates coolly and saves energy.


  • Using the latest 802.11n wireless transmission, the system operates off the fastest signal and with the broadest coverage.


  • Connect any storage device to the unit’s USB port or audio line-in and play its content through your system.


  • Connect any Bluetooth device, wirelessly, using the lossless aptX™ Bluetooth feature, streaming audio from your personal device directly to your NuVo system.


  • Connect your player to your existing home theater receiver or any other device to allow it to play through audio line-out.


  • Every zone in your system can play and be controlled independently, so you can listen to your favorite album on the deck, while the kids listen to SiriusXM in the den.


  • Wirelessly manage the entire system from the palm of your hand with your NuVo Controller or personal Apple or Android device.


  • Start your system with one player, and when you want music in another room, simply add another.