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Hitachi FX89WE1 Interactive Whiteboard

Hitachi FX-89W1 Interactive Whiteboard

The FX-89WE1 is Hitachi’s latest interactive white board. This board offers the option of either stylus (pen) and/or finger operation.


The FX-89WE1 offers all the favorite Starboard features from previous models such as touch gestures, handwriting recognition, customisable toolbar, Google image search and remote conferencing.  The new board still caters for multi-user operation, which is ideal for teaching or team building.


The Starboard software that comes with every board still packs in a wide variety of content that include games, lessons and a large selection of clip art. Users can save and add their own media including audio, video or images.


The viewing size has increased by 1” and the digitizer has been removed giving the board a much sleeker appearance. The other physical difference is the overall weight, now it is 24kg this is over 10kgs lighter than its predecessor.  The FX-89WE1 also has a low-reflection surface that reduces glare.


While a great deal has not changed from the previous model, this is a testament to the Starboard software. The software is upgraded several times a year and is always free to Starboard users. The free upgrade means if you purchased a board 5 years ago it would still be up to date with no extra cost to the user. 

The Starboard software is available for both Windows and Macintosh.


The Hitachi FX-89WE1 comes with an outstanding 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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Product Name:                        StarBoard FX-89WE1


Digitizing Technology:          Infrared Ray Shading Detection System


Interface to Computer:          USB 1.1 / 2.0 compatible


Active Area Size:                    89 inches


Display Aspcet Ratio:           16:10 


Tracking Speed:                      Approx. 66 points/sec 


Surface Material:                     High density polyester (core), Steel (surface)           

Dimensions:                             2,179mm (W) x 1,282mm (H) x 35mm (D)


Operating Specification:       +5 - +35°C


Function Buttons:                  15


Power Consumption:           5V, 500mA


WeightApprox:                    24kg


Certificates:                         VCCI Class A, FCC Class B, CE